Last Week in the Rest of the World

The better late than never edition….


Sandinista Aims for Comeback in Nicaragua

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Sixteen years after voters swept Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua’s presidency, the former Marxist icon appears to have his best chance yet for a comeback in elections scheduled for Nov. 5.


Kosovo bids for independence face-to-face with Serbs
VIENNA (Reuters) – Kosovo formally made its pitch for independence face-to-face with Serbia on Monday at their first top-level talks since NATO bombs drove Serb forces from the province in 1999.


Chavez-Belarus ‘pact against U.S.

MINSK, Belarus (Reuters) — Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday he had forged a strategic alliance to stand up to U.S. imperialism with fellow maverick Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.


Venezuela’s Chavez to sign Russia arms deal

MOSCOW, Russian (AP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday that his oil-rich nation will sign major arms deals in Moscow to acquire Russian fighter jets and produce Kalashnikov assault rifles, as Russia shrugged off U.S. criticism of the weapons sales.


As Rumors Swirl, Somalia Seems Set for Full-Scale War

BAIDOA, SOMALIA, July 27 — In the past few days, phantom troops have reportedly flooded across the border from Ethiopia. Mysterious planes have landed in Mogadishu. Young gunmen in a kaleidoscope of camouflage are cruising the streets all over this country, their true allegiance one big question mark.


Jubilation, violence mark days before Congo vote

INSHASA, Congo (AP) — About 3,000 people gathered Friday to hear President Joseph Kabila appeal for their vote as campaigning wound down ahead of war-battered Congo’s historic weekend vote.


Spain approves reparations bill

MADRID, Spain (AP) — The Spanish government has approved a divisive bill allowing reparations for victims of the Spanish Civil War and the ensuing dictatorship of Gen. Francisco Franco, one of the darkest chapters of Spain’s modern history.


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